Friday, February 18, 2005

Bio 2 Vince Jorgensen

Vince's Bio:

I'ts been 6 years and counting at Xilinx, Inc in San
Jose. I started off as an designing IC circuits for
FPGAs, moved later into logical verification of those
FPGAs, and now I do infrastructure and development for
those FPGA designers and verifiers.

I write short stories and novellas in my free time.
I've not been published yet, but Carol is my
inspiration. I think of her staged one-act plays
about computer geeks and public-storage residents
whenever I every get depressed. If Carol and her
lovable characters can trudge on, so can I!

My spirits are up and life is good. My arcane life
can be scrutinized at
In the meantime, my wife and I are planning the next
phase of our life: living and working abroad.


First Bio-Han Yuan

Han Yuan _Head tutor from 1996 to (I can't remember the date)

Message from Han:

I'm working in the south bay for a company called Movaris
( where we build a solution to automate financial
control execution and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

These days my main goals are: 1) to dunk a basketball before I hit 30, 2) to
publish or place in a writing contest before I hit 30. Otherwise, I am in
good health (best shape of my life) and in good spirits.


Thursday, February 17, 2005


To start I will put all the names I can recall as I recall them

Vincent Jorgensen
Mitch Crane
Nena Hunt (works at Sun)
Jennifer Lautz (works at Sun)
Mack Nagashima ?
Joe Yoo A big ?
Jacob Scott (not quite graduated)
Ivan Tse (still at SFSU, about to graduate this year)
Jeremy Huddleston (back at the SPC, got into Cal grad school)
Illya Shipster ?
Joyce Fong (working at Seibel)
Danny Yoo
Han Yuan ?
Claudia Chung (at Pixar)
Jeremy Lau (at UCSD)
Jeremy Lin (working for Lockheed (shhhh)
Jason Vierzba (working for Northrup Grumman shhhhh)
Jim Casaburi (scaring small children and ripping off the elderly)
Yosen Lin ?
Dan Garcia (co "SPC head hancho" now)
Rishi Kant
Jennifer Treichler (honorary, now Mother to Owen too)
Kate and Kaolin

Welcome to the new SPC former tutors/where are they now? Blog!